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Let KRAKEN do the hard work, we run your CRO program for you.


Looking at devices, channels, segments, UX, UI – we get a genuine kick out of all things optimisation.


We utilise all the data and analytics you have (or put new measurement strategies in place) to determine where the greatest gains can be made for you and your business and customers.


We continue to react to your business needs in the ever changing world of online eCommerce and marketing. Roadmaps and strategies are tweaked continually to ensure maximum returns.


One of the greatest sources of knowledge and ideas can come from within your own organisation. We make sure we work closely with you and your teams to make sure we understand your business both from an internal and a customer point of view. We can help to raise your own internal Conversion Rate Optimisation capabilities as we progress on the optimisation journey.


Whilst there are a number of strategies that we use regularly, every client has their own unique needs and we make sure we find ways to make you stand head and shoulders above your competition.


Our people have worked with companies of all types and sizes. Our ability to understand a businesses needs quickly, ensure a smooth and fast running CRO program at all times. You can trust in us!

Unmatched CRO expertise

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a win for both you and your visitors/customers. As CRO Specialists, we will run tests that not only lift your conversion rate, but also provide a better experience for your visitors based on actual data.

What is a conversion rate optimisation specialist? We use our experience in such areas as data analysis, design, psychology and copywriting to craft user experiences that understand your particular audience. This combination of skills ensures that a CRO program is kicked off with a strong focus and with immediate impact.

Talk to a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency with a difference, one that works with clients of all sizes and becomes an extension of your internal teams. We live and breathe CRO!

KRAKEN– Your Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialists


Encompassing design, psychology, usability and analytics.

CRO specialist knowledge and experience ensures tests are created, built, run and analysed with a focus on results. Getting that combination of:

  • Data Analysis
  • Creative Design
  • Copywriting
  • Psychology
  • Business Acumen
  • Development Skills
  • Customer Behavioural Analysis

is one of the biggest hurdles to implementing a successful conversion rate optimisation (CRO) program. You probably don’t have the in-house resources who are focused on optimising your digital revenue streams.KRAKENbrings you an experienced, creative and metric focused team who aim to get your optimisation program off to a KRAKEN start.

KRAKENprovides a full service Conversion Rate Optimisation initiative for your company. We only need about 5% of your time to run a successful program!

Get CRO results
Effort Required
The Kraken Data Team of CRO Experts 95%
You and your Team 5%
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We Help You Win With Conversion Rate Optimisation

Content testing allows us to serve different versions of content to a group of users and measure which content results in increased conversion rates for you and your online business.



If you have a great idea for your website, test it first and know through data driven analysis that it is actually good for you and your visitors.



More sales, increased AOV and of course general lifts in your conversion rate are what we specialise in.



As mobile traffic increases, becoming mobile first is essential. Our testing enables us to be device specific with our segmentation and results analysis.



User engagement can be critical to the success of your website, increased pageviews = increased advertising revenue. We use tried and tested techniques to lift visitor engagement.


Lead Generation

Form design is essential to the number of leads you receive, we’ll test content, layout and positioning to pinpoint your perfect combination.

Will CRO work for you?

Let's check to see how the numbers add up for your business. We only take on clients that are ready for a CRO program.

Our Software Agnostic Approach Ensures Maximum Flexibility

We utilise your choice of A/B and Multivariate tools on your Home pages, Landing pages, conversion funnels or other relevant pages to display and measure test results.

If you don’t already have an optimisation tool integrated with your website we can help you select the right tool and make sure you get full value out of it.

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The Conversion Rate Optimisation Process

It is a process that never stops, it looks back on itself and continues to refine, analyse and look for new ways to improve every facet of your online presence.



Identify potential conversion rate optimisation opportunities on your website or mobile application.

Test Plan


KRAKEN develops a detailed test plan outlining the goals, hypothesis, segmentation and what is being tested.

Write Code


KRAKEN builds the test variations and sets up all the conversion events. Three step Quality Assurance process is completed.



Launch and run test until enough data is captured to declare a winning variant.



KRAKEN Analyses the results of the test and provides a detailed report.

multiple decices

Test on Multiple Devices

Run tests on multiple devices at the same time or target specific devices for specific content. We will advise on the best strategies for testing various devices types. This ensures maximum data insights from every test. We make sure you don’t improve desktop at the expense of mobile and vice versa.

agile development

Fast, Agile Development

Our team will build all tests to the highest standards, ensuring we match the detailed test documents. We then perform thorough quality assurance testing across multiple devices and browsers as specified in the testing document. We will also assist you in doing your own final client QA before any test is ready to go live.


Test Analysis and Recommendations

At the completion of each test our team will put together a detailed analysis report outlining all the results, provide recommendations and calculate your potential revenue growth. We will provide segment and device insights as needed and also provide any other insights that our detailed analysis may show.

Get CRO results

Gain a greater understanding of your customers

Content testing provides behavioural data which allows us to identify content which makes you more money

Our team provides a full conversion rate optimisation consulting package which includes

  • Identifying CRO opportunities
  • Planning tests
  • Building tests
  • Reporting on tests

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