Web Analytics Consulting Agency Melbourne

Want to REALLY understand your customers?

Let Kraken Data amplify your analytics data and reporting.

At Kraken Data we  data. But most importantly, we love what you can do with data. It's the method in the madness that makes it so valuable.

We are a leading web analytics consulting agency, based in Melbourne. We provide holistic web analytics services, from strategy to implementation to reporting & visualisation.

Our experienced consultants will help you discover, design, measure, and report on your web analytics strategies.

When you include your digital marketing into your digital analytics, you combine your digital marketing strategy and visitor behaviour, giving you a more complete picture of your online effectiveness and helping you become more data-driven in your decision-making process.

Once you align your data strategy with your business strategy, great things happen! We design your reporting based on your business objectives and key performance metrics.
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Your implementation follows the measurement plan. This ensures we capture your primary business data as a priority. Kraken Data has extensive experience designing implementations. We will deliver the guides and confirm they have been successfully implemented.
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Do you trust your data? If not, you need an audit. When people stop believing their data and seek other sources or go from their gut, let's face it, you're not in a good way. We can help restore faith in your data sources and you can get on with life!
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Moving platforms? We can help plan and execute a smooth migration. Getting off to the right start on your new platform is paramount.
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We can take care of the day to day maintenance and deal with platform changes for you. We can also act as your administrator for dealing with the vendor.
Reporting and analysis make your data actionable. You can track everything, but it's more important to drive action from the data.
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We work with your software of choice or can provide recommendations based on your needs.

Tealium CDH
Tealium Customer Data Hub (CDH) is a comprehensive solution that centralises customer data management across your tech stack. Our consultants have certifications for:
  • Tealium IQ
  • Tealium EventStream
  • Tealium AudienceStream
Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe Experience Platform
With our in depth knowledge of the Adobe product family, Kraken Data can help with implementation, customisation and ongoing analytics program for your company’s online presence. Supported Products:
  • Analytics
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Experience Platform
  • Tags
  • Audience Manager
  • Target
    Adobe Solutions Partner