There are good reasons to migrate. There needs to be as it’s not trivial. Kraken Data can help you plan, document, implement, test and backup historical data.

Digital Analytics process example

Tag Management

Whether you’re moving to a TMS for the first time, or being forced to migrate by product sunsetting, like Adobe DTM, we can assist to make the process as smooth as possible. We’ll help make the decision of choosing easier by managing your requirements against platform functionality and assisting with vendor discussions.


We can help guide you through the many processes.

  • Google Analytics Free
  • Discontinuation of Webtrends Infinity
  • Moving to a free platform to save costs
  • Moving to a stack to increase functionality
  • Baseline currently data requirements
  • Review measurement plant
  • Document implementation guide
  • Support developers on implementation
  • Quality assurance of new implementation
  • Platform administration
  • Reporting and visualisations/dashboard
Conversion Rate Optimisation process example

Media Tagging

Media pixels are required to fire at the right time. We look at your solution to ensure they are correctly configured, adding additional conversion data where available. We also look at your analytics to check that your ad data collection is not impacted by Apple’s ITP or other browser restrictions, potentially under reporting on conversions and throwing out your attribution. We can work with you to implement solutions to more accurately track your media tagging when impacted.

See more Tag Management services:

  • New or transitioning
  • Implementation of tracking and conversion pixels
  • Additional data for segmentation and data richness of reporting
  • Attribution modelling