Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint

Webtrends solves the biggest challenge of Intranet Analytics by providing a specialised solution.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used technologies in the world and is often the Intranet of choice. Companies today invest significantly in their intranet to boost employee productivity. It can be hard to recognise this investment using SharePoint’s built in analytics or analytics tools not designed for intranets.

In addition to the standard Webtrends analytics platform, this solution provides a customised data collection mechanism that integrates with SharePoint to provide reporting:

  • User profile reporting (including custom profile properties)
  • Onsite search
  • Site collections
  • Sites
  • Pages
  • Documents
  • Social interactions
  • Ribbon use

It’s this customised data collection and reporting functionality that makes the Webtrends solution so strong. Standard web analytics tools only give you a view of basic content consumption. Understand who your power users are to engage them in helping their teams get the most out of SharePoint. Find your users with low engagement and work to bring them up to speed to become more productive employees.

Webtrends Analytics for Sharepoint Implementation and Extensions

There are several options for implementing Webtrends for SharePoint and companies can typically get an environment up and running within a day. Whilst the standard out of the box functionality is impressive, KRAKEN DATA has the expertise to extend both the data collection and the reporting functionality to meet company’s individual needs.

If you are using SharePoint, KRAKEN DATA can assist with Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint to help you understand employee engagement as well as content consumption.

We also support other Webtrends Products with our expertise and certification with Webtrends technology :

  • Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint
  • Analytics 10
  • Webtrends Analytics OnPremise
  • Infinity Analytics
  • Webtrends Optimize
  • Streams
  • Visitor Data Mart with Segments
  • Data Collection API
  • Data Extraction API
  • Mobile SDK (Android and iOS)

Contact us for more details or to discuss your Webtrends Analytics needs.

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