Google Analytics Consulting

You need a great Google Analytics Consultant

You can utilise Google Analytics data to give you amazing insights and measurable outcomes with your online marketing initiatives. Getting that data and correctly analysing it is the challenge – that's where our seasoned professionals can help. They help you visualise and understand how your website is performing and help identify areas for improvement.

Our consultants will use Google Analytics to enable you to:
  • Identify which of your pages is producing the best return for your time and investment
  • Conversely, which pages can be improved and may actually be damaging your online experience
  • Maximise your conversions
  • Show you your best performing acquisition channels, allowing you to target your online spend more efficiently
  • Highlight site performance issues (such as page speed and 404s)
  • Use custom reporting to highlight often over-looked segmentation and behavioural areas
  • Utilise filters and segment your visitors to zero in on areas that can otherwise be lost in the sea of data
  • Identify content that most influences visitor behaviour, both good and bad

What is Google Analytics consulting and what can it do for my business?

Put simply, it is the most important skill set for you to track all the interactions with your visitors. It allows you to make informed decisions and know exactly where you should be looking to improve your customer experience and ultimately – your conversion rate.

Companies of all sizes use Google Analytics to forecast future performance, analyse past performance, but it takes a lot of experience and technical skills to be able to get the most out of the product.

Everyone at Kraken Data is Google Analytics qualified (as well as with many other analytics platforms). Our sole purpose is to give you the tools to make those informed decisions that will bring improve conversion rates, greater revenue and maximised ROI.