CRO - Do the numbers add up for you?

The advantages to be gained from an active CRO program depend on a number of factors. Do you have enough traffic? How big is your margin? How good is your CRO agency?

This great calculator will help you understand the benefits  of pursuing a program to optimize your conversion rate with the experts at KRAKEN by displaying real ROI potential! Feel free to change the numbers to match your own website performance, the data will update automatically.The numbers in the green boxes are all editable, we have entered example data for both current web performance and potential CRO uplift.

For uplift we have left the first month at 0% (it takes time to fully understand your business needs, implement the code and build out an initial test roadmap).We have pencilled in a successful lift of 5% for each second month, actual results can achieve much more than this.Why not contact us to find out how we can help you improve your conversion rate (remember your competitors are probably already on the path to optimisation!).

Current Website Performance

projected numbers
Monthly CRO Cost Yearly CRO Cost
Monthly Visitors Revenue Per Month
Conversion Rate Sales Per Month
Margin Annual Revenue
AOV Annual Gross Margin

Yearly Change

Sales Lift
Revenue Lift
Total ROI $

Monthly Change

projected lifts
CRO Cost Conversion % Lift New Conversion % Sales/Month Revenue/ Month Sales Lift Revenue Lift Profit Running ROI

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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – Helping you with an existing or new testing program
  • Digital Analytics – Ensuring you are capturing all the KPIs and insights that are available
  • Site Audit – Are there glaring errors that are affecting site performance, SEO or User Experience?

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