Identifying AB Testing Opportunities

AB Testing relies on insights and data. If your site is tagged correctly you will not overlook small interactions on your site that can be strong influencers on conversion rates.

Recently we spent some time tracking various touch points on an insurance website and then analysing the data. As we looked at the various interactions, one really stood out. The action was the download of a PDF of the policy brochure. On the page, the link to the download was a low key text link.

identifying opportunities

Though low in numbers at roughly 5% of visitors, it showed that they were three times more likely to purchase if they performed this action. The policies were high quality documents that used visuals and good design to highlight the main policy benefits in a lot more detail than could be achieved on the website.

But were the visitors influenced by the downloaded PDF or were they just more likely to download the brochure and buy anyway? A perfect candidate for an AB test.

We changed the CTA of the brochure download from a link to a button, hoping to lift downloads and maintain the improvement in conversion rate.

What we found and achieved was a doubling in the number of visitors downloading the brochures. Much more than that, we saw that the conversion through to buying a policy was maintained, so the brochure was the influencer we thought it had been.

example brochure download linkIf the site tagging was left at its most basic level we would never have identified this and other opportunities. Make sure you can measure the impact of all interactions your visitors have with your site. Any of the touch points could have an effect on conversion rates and user behaviour. This can of course be either positive or negative.

If you’re looking for help with ensuring your site is tagged correctly or want to perform some AB testing on hypotheses based on your data, feel free to contact us.

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