The Total Website Tune-Up

The fastest and most cost-effective package to boost your website performance.

We've provided a ton of advice, ideas and insights to many businesses aimed at lifting their website performance. We have now bundled all of those services together and created a package designed to help businesses like yours during this challenging time.

This is for all businesses – new, old, large or small.

The “Total Website Tune-Up" is a comprehensive package of data, analytics, SEO and optimisation that will help your business boost its online performance. This is the most competitive time to be online with everyone fighting for that online dollar, so getting any advantage is vital.

The tune-up provides more than $2,000 of consultation services for just $500. This strictly limited package is built with 4 separate components designed to improve your website performance.

All the findings will be presented in a one hour video call where we will take you through our insights and chat through any questions you may have.

1. Site-Wide SEO Check

Highlighting any existing issues

We'll scan your entire site (max. 1000 pages) and produce a detailed report that identifies any potential issues with your content. This includes:

  • Full report provided in Excel or PDF format.
  • Existing 404s (invalid site links both onsite and offsite).
  • Image optimisation - Highlighting graphics that can be reduced in size to increase your page load times.
  • H1/H2 status - Looking to fix issues with multiple H1 instances etc.
  • Page titles & Descriptions - Are they too long, too short or do they even exist?

2. Google Analytics Audit

Make sure your data is correct

We will use all our experience with implementation and analysis to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your valuable user data. This includes:

  • Sitewide code - Ensuring that no pages have been missed in the implementation.

  • Enhancements - What else could you be tracking which add extra insights to your data? 
  • Insights on trends - We'll highlight areas of interest from your trended data. Have certain pages dropped in performance, have acquisition channels changed?

  • Which areas are performing well

  • And which ones are not

3. Custom Data Dashboard

Built with Google Data Studio

Building on our findings from your analytics we will build a custom dashboard that will provide you with the tools to understand your business better.

  • Designed for your business
  • Essential data presented clearly - Reducing the need to delve into GA so regularly (remember all the data is direct from GA).
  • Multiple graphs to visualise the data with various filters for date, channel, device etc.
  • Ecommerce KPIs - See how you are tracking for revenue and other key indicators.

4. Site Optimisation Insights

Based on 20 years experience

On the one hour call we will take you through some ideas to optimise your site based on the 1000's of tests we have run over the years.

  • Imagery and text - Are you using them for maximum impact and is your tone consistent throughout the visitors journey?

  • USPs - Have you identified what makes your sit stand out and are you using them in the best places?

  • Calls to Action - Are they designed well enough to stand out and do they work well within your page layout?

  • Friction points - What elements on your site are likely to cause anxiety or friction with your visitors?
We can only offer a strictly limited number of these packages.

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