Founded in 1993, is the world’s first web analytics provider. Their products have helped many of the world’s leading brands boost revenue through marketing strategies and solutions.

KRAKEN’s consultants have extensive expertise and certification with Webtrends technology. We consult to Webtrends customers, providing the highest level of service that you would expect from an enterprise solutions company.

Supported Webtrends Products:
  • Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint
  • Analytics 10
  • Webtrends Analytics OnPremise
  • Infinity Analytics
  • Webtrends Optimize
  • Streams
  • Visitor Data Mart with Segments
  • Data Collection API
  • Data Extraction API
  • Mobile SDK (Android and iOS)
Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint

Webtrends collaborated with Microsoft to develop a specialised SharePoint analytics solution. With over 45 metrics, this solution provides superior reporting out of the box for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 and is the only preferred vendor for Microsoft SharePoint measurement.



New Implementations

KRAKENcan assist on all aspects of your implementation project. From measurement strategy workshops through implementation, dashboarding and even user training. We have extensive implementation experience and can work with your team to help ensure a smooth rollout.

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Existing Implementations

No website remains the same for long. KRAKEN can help modify your existing implementation to meet your new needs and to make sure it utilises all the latests features available.

analytics audits

Analytics Audits

Ensuring that the data you are making business decisions on is accurate is paramount.

KRAKEN can audit your data collection and account to make sure that you are collecting data at the right time and that the account is analysing the data correctly.

By following best practice strategies, we can recommend improvements, data leakage or over counts and security issues to give you peace of mind that your data is accurate and you can rely on it to make important decisions.

Contact us today for more details.



The use of visualisations in today’s world of data overload is paramount. They can tell us with a glance how we are tracking without the need for time consuming analysis.

Webtrends has integrations with Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Klipfolio. KRAKENDATA can help you utilise these integrations to build out powerful visualisations.

Alternatively, we can connect to other 3rd party tools or create custom dashboards via the Data Extraction API. This API allows you to connect your analysed data to systems outside of the Webtrends reporting environment.

experts on retainer

Retained Experts

Got a question about your analytics? Need some analysis done for your board paper? Want to pick up the phone and get an answer? Experts on retainer is the solution for you. Most companies don’t have a dedicated web analyst on staff and nor do they need someone working full time on this.

To get the most out of your data, you need to have an analyst to dig into anomalies and outliers to find where you’re doing well, or not so well and to discover valuable insights. Most companies do not have full time analysts on staff. Speak to us to find out more about having experts on retainer for your business.

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